First of all, it should be explained that we humans live in the cat's home... Everything is done for their happiness, their wellbeing and safety in our company.
We live in "Touraine", 250 km from Paris , where we exclusively raise Norvegian Forest Cats.
Our cats live in semifreedom in the house and in large catruns.
Our cats'gene pool lets us obtain most of the colours Norvegian cats can have, brown tabby, torties, as well as diluted shades, silver and smoke.
Our kittens are raised at home in the compagny of our older cats, the ones who helped us found our lines and do'nt breed anymore, but live in happy retirement with us and their descendents. Our breeders are GSD IV negatifs.

GIC N*Marbakken's Beverly
photo: G.Cournud