Where does the skogkatt originate?
Only one answer is certain. It is in Scandinavia, most particulary in Norway, that the skogkatt acquired its entirely natural beauty, thought the rigorous climactic conditions obtaining in these parts of Europe.
The Slogkatt's legend is an epic. Way back into Northern mythology, the goodess Freya's chariot was pulled by huge white cats, and today this viking car has invaded all of Europe, the U.S.A, and Japan as well...
Did the Skogkatt arrive in Norway on the Vikings' drakkars, back from their expeditions to th Middle East, or had it already conquered Nothern Europe back in Prehistory, in the form of a short-haired, Southern cat who managed to evolve into the necessary adjustments to the harsh Norwegian temperatures?
Not even the cats know - or they're not saying.

EC Fjord Fenomen de la Pendjari
photo: G.Cournud