What does he look like?
The Norvegian Forest Cat is a semi-longhaired breed, originating in Scandinavia. It's a big cat. The adult male, at four years of age, reaches 14 pounds.
His morphology results from the environment in witch it developed - the rigorous climate of Norway. It was first of all his fur that adpted. A wooly undercoat... Sweater-like... And a waterproof, oily topcoat...
Next, his bodily structure let it survive the cold. Long-legged, this coat does not drag his belly in the snow.
His triangular head has a straight profile, strong chin and bright, wide eyes, almond-shaped and slightly slanted. Wide, big ears complete the picture.
The Norvegian Forest Cat is a "darling cat", very companionable, sharply intelligent, sweetnatured, a "dog-cat", fond of family life, children, dogs, other cats and other people. It will graciously adapt to any and every lifestyle, and enjoy it, too.

GIC N* Marbakken's Beverly
photo: G.Cournud